2020 became the peak of oversize in the world. Stylist Vika Deniskina dreamed of a beautiful, stylish oversize trouser suit, but she could not find one in Ukraine. That's why I decided to create my own. This is how the HOLY BASE sustainable fashion oversize clothing brand appeared. DNA consists of suits and shirts that adapt to any body shape.

Whoever chooses HOLY BASE receives a base that will become a permanent component in the wardrobe. That is, clothes that will remain stylish, appropriate and retain their appearance over the years. And fit and adaptive size adjust to any changes. The fabrics for the HOLY collections come from the wastes of Italy, France, Austria, Holland and Germany. We are proof that a high-quality, comfortable and truly "holy" wardrobe exists!



You can meet them both at a party in honor of the opening of a new establishment and at a top international conference. Eyes are often fixed on them, because everyone around them wants to feel just as confident and free. It seems that only they really know how to enjoy every moment of life.

Sexy, smart and practical. Comfort is appreciated. They are free in their thoughts and ways of self-expression, purposeful and always remain themselves.

HOLY LOVERS do what they want because they always accept themselves and others as they are. Confident in yourself and your image every day, because in HOLY clothes - only so.